The future of England’s forests – a new chapter


Woodland Matters

Thursday saw the beginning of a new chapter for Forestry Policy. It’s been a long journey, but the result is a fairly promising platform.

Just over 6 months ago, the Independent Panel on Forestry’s Final Report was published, setting out a range of recommendations united by the call for the development of ‘a new woodland culture’. We were pleased to see in response to the publication the then Secretary of State saying the Public Forest Estate (PFE) was safe. Therefore the first thing to applaud in the official response to the Final Report is confirmation that a new body should hold the PFE “in trust for the nation” – the Government has listened to the hundreds of thousands of voices demanding that it remains in public ownership.

There are other highlights that, as a Panel member, I’m particularly pleased to see acknowledged in the response. We now effectively have…

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