Woodland Highlights: November


Woodland Matters

November is a month of great change as leaves absorb their green chlorophyll and fall from the trees. Many mammals and insects disappear from view, finding warm places to hibernate during the colder months. The time for flowering plants is over, but fungi still abound.

Trees/shrubs… The woods will be blazing with autumn colour this month before the trees give up their leaves for the year. Oaks take on a spectacular golden hue, rowans become oranges and reds, beech trees a beautiful bronze, while alders turn yellow and are the last to lose their leaves. The first frosts can cover leaves in a silvery coating.

Plants… Ivy may still be in flower this month, offering an important late source of nectar to any flying insects still out. The poisonous berries of black bryony plants will turn scarlet this month, find them in hedgerows and at the woodland edge. The fluffy seed heads of…

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