New beginnings…


September often starts with a blaze of warm weather as we head back to work, school and university after the holidays; this year the sun is reflected in the gold of those Paralympics medals…But is your front garden a medal winner? Do you have practical, neat and bee friendly passage between you and the outside world? Or do you have a weed ridden, sadly neglected wilderness?

It is all too easy to forget that the front garden is more than a depository for recycling boxes and dirty trainers. The eye tends to gloss over the bits that require effort and anyway, how much time do you spend looking at your front garden? Possibly you avoid looking because it’s a mess?

But your front garden should please you when you walk out of your door and when you return home. It is the first thing about you that visitors notice; it is the outward face you show to passersby. And if you’re trying to sell your house, an attractive front garden makes you feel better and improves the value of your property.

A front garden may compliment the style of the house – for example a traditional cottage could have a front garden in the cottage garden style; or it could have architectural and spiky modernistic planting ‘zinging it up’ for contrast. Although these days, especially in urban areas, front gardens also have to work hard to accommodate cars, bikes, recycling, as well as some greenery.

Budget constrictions often mean that the front garden is a low priority, being the space least time is spent in: it is often compared to a hall. But a hall can be a showcase for treasured pictures as well as a practical utility area for essential coats and shoes. Likewise, a front garden can be eye-catching and still accommodate recycling boxes as part of the scheme.

Why not employ a garden designer to resolve the front garden dilemma? Whether you’d like a ‘new beginning’ for yourself, or because you’d like to sell or rent out your house it’s easy to achieve a medal winning result. At Plews we can design, tidy, build and plant you a new space; or just design it for you, providing support for you to do-it-yourself.

We could design you a front garden which is both easy maintenance and increases the value of your property or which gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself with a planting scheme that wouldn’t stand up to the wear and tear of a family back garden. With the ‘feel good’ factor of the Olympics and Paralympics still at the forefront, we have devised a gold, silver and bronze packages for front gardens, aimed at those who are selling but suitable for those who are staying put too.

The smaller size of front gardens can be an advantage as a small budget for a front garden can achieve a big result.

For a re-design of your front garden, drop us an email


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