When your Garden goes on Holiday


Wouldn’t that be good? You go to Portugal for 2 weeks; your garden goes on a trip to Cornwall. If only!

Think ahead: 

  • Save plastic containers & bottles to use as water trays/ reservoirs
  • Purchase capillary matting on which you can place lots of pots together

Nearer the time:

    • Deadhead flowering plants 
    • Weed
  • Apply mulch on any bare soil after watering

How to use Plastic squash & pop bottles as water reservoirs: 

  • Cut off the bottom and remove cap. This will then be put top end down in the soil next to your thirsty plants – tomatoes, dahlias, for example. 
  • Water is poured into the bottle and it slowly soaks through to the plant’s roots. This is actually agood trick if you don’t want to be always watering tomatoes, courgettes and squash in your vegetable area or on the allotment.


  • Where are the cooler places in the garden? Out of the midday sun is good for most plants. Place on matting or in trays; water well before you leave, so that the plants are “sitting in moistness”.
  • However, your pelargoniums (pot geraniums) will not take too kindly to having their roots sitting in water, so water well before you leave making sure the water gets down to the roots. They are fairly drought tolerant, so should be fine if in a shady spot. If in the sun and a porch where they won’t benefit from any rain, put tray underneath.
  • Hanging baskets – if in the rear garden, take down and treat as a pot above
  • Micro-salads – cut & eat before you go, leave in cool place, sitting in a tray filled with water.


  • Established planting, eg trees and shrubs, will be fine; if any of them are wilting because we’ve had a heat wave, then give the whole garden a thorough soak a day before you go away. (Guaranteed to make it rain on those of us staying behind…)
  • New plants, bedding, thirsty plants like dahlias –if room, use upturned pop bottle (as above) in the soil next to the plant to act as a reservoir. Otherwise thoroughly soak before you go away.


  • Domestic lawns don’t need watering unless new. Mow before you go, medium cut, so it’s tidy when you come back.
  • Front garden: tidy & water as above; put water reservoirs under pots (if in the sun) well in advance so it looks ‘normal’.


  • If someone is coming in to check the house whilst you’re away, ask them to check the plants for wilting and water if necessary – and to help themselves to any crops/flowers for the house – good for the plant as it encourages more to grow for your return!

On return:

  • unpack, put washing on; make tea/ pour wine, sit in garden and enjoy!

There are lots of ways of making your garden easy to maintain all year round; why not contact us for more details!


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